asher foster - evolution


welcome to mk 7

I've iterated though far too many websites

Every time I want to test out a new tech, or just get sick of the last one, I update this site. They've been built with everything from PHP, Plain HTML/CSS, Angular, and finally React/Next. I'm sure this isn't the last version, but it's definitely the best.

Mark 1

Even in 2015 I made sure it had a dark theme

Mark 2

2016. I went through a photography phase. I'm sorry.

Mark 3

Finally realised I sucked at design, and used a Material UI framework

Mark 4

2017. Although this looks similar to the previous one, it was completely rewriten in Angular

Mark 5

2019. First gen with Next.js. This one was... a little strange. Unfortunately, git never forgets.

Mark 6

Mk6 "Hip and cool". Serif fonts are hard to pull off